Pulp Magazines - 'S'

Saucy Detective
Saucy Movie Tales
Saucy Stories (1916)
Scarlet Adventuress
Scarlet Confessions
Scarlet Gang Stories
Science Fiction
Science Fiction Quarterly
Science Wonder Stories
Scientific Detective Monthly
the Scorpion
Scotland Yard
the Scrap Book
Sea Stories Magazine
Secret Agent X
Secret Service Detective Stories
Secret Service Stories
the Secret Six
the Shadow
Short Stories
Silk Stocking Stories
Six-Gun Western
the Skipper
Sky Aces
Sky Birds
Sky Devils
Sky Fighters
Sky Raiders
Sky Riders
Smart Love Stories
Smashing Detectivee Stories
Smashing Western
Smith's Magazine
Snappy Stories
South Sea Stories
Space Stories
Speed Adventure Stories
Speed Detective
Speed Mystery
Speed Western Stories
Spicy Adventure Stories
Spicy Detective Stories
Spicy Mystery Stories
Spicy Western Stories
the Spider
Sport Story Magazine
Sports Action
Sports Fiction
Sports Novels
Sports Winners
Spy Stories
Star Detective Magazine
Star Magazine
Star Novels Magazine
Star Western
Startling Detective Adventures
Startling Stories
Stirring Science Stories
Strange Detective Mysteries
Strange Stories
Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror
Submarine Stories
Super-Detective Stories (1934)
Super Science Stories
Sure-Fire Westen Stories
Sweetheart Love Stories
Sweetheart Stories