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Tales of Danger and Daring
Tales of Magic and Mystery
Tales of Temptation
Tattle Tales
Telling Tales
Ten Detective Aces
Ten-Story Detective Magazine
Ten-Story Love Magazine
Ten Story Mystery Magazine
Ten Story Sports
Ten Story Western magazine
Terror Tales
Texas Rangers
Three Love Novels Magazine
Three Star Magazine
Three Western Novels Magazine
Thrill Book
Thrilling Adventures
Thrilling Confessions
Thrilling Detective
Thrilling Love
Thrilling Mystery
Thrilling Ranch Stories
Thrilling Sports
Thrilling Western
Thrilling Wonder Stories
Tip Top Semi-Monthly
Today's Love Stories
Top-Notch Magazine
Top Western Fiction Annual
Triple Detective
Triple Western
Tropical Adventures
True Adventures
True Gang Life
True Gangster Stories
True Strange Stories
True Western Stories
Twelve Sports Aces
Two-Books Detective Magazine
Two Complete Detective Books
Two Complete Science-Adventure Books
Two Gun Stories
Two-Gun Western
Two Western Action Books
Two Western Books

Uncanny Tales
Under Fire Magazine
the Underworld
Underworld Detective
Underworld Magazine